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Best Winter Wheels For Your Needs

The harsh winter months require your car to be equipped appropriately with durable wheels that will not skid in the snow. You don’t need to get into any accidents, where you can dent your car and injure yourself in the process. You also don’t want to drive while constantly fearing that something terrible might happen. Staying at home while it’s snowing is also not a viable solution, given the fact that everyone has school, work, and other responsibilities that require attention.

Good Tire’s winter wheels are your solution to this problem!

Calgary is known to experience extreme weather, and the city is no stranger to harsh and long winters. However, this shouldn’t give you anxiety while you are at the road if you are adequately equipped to deal with the snowstorm around you.

Paying close attention to your surroundings will only go so far if you don’t have the proper winter tires that will guarantee your safety.

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Durable winter tires

Getting winter rims, wheels, and tires are one of the most important things you can do in order to protect yourself and your car during the winter months. The good news is that Good Tire offers you the option to purchase new and durable tires for your vehicle.

These wheels are designed with Calgary’s weather in mind, to dig into the snow, and they will help propel your car forward through any slush, ice, and snow on the roads.

They come equipped with a cold weather tread compound that enhances their capabilities during the winter months. You require wheels that won’t have their treadwear impacted.

Steel versus alloy rims

Good Tire offers you the possibility to purchase steel wheels over alloy; steel wheels are more cumbersome and sturdier in contrast to their alloy counterpart, making them particularly useful for winter. It will add extra weight when you accelerate, allowing your wheels to dig deeper into the snow.

They are much more cost-efficient, and they do not oxidize as quickly as aluminum does, offering you an extra layer of protection against snowy road conditions. If something were to happen to your tires and you were to suffer an impact, you can also rest assured that your alloy wheels are set aside and kept safe to put back on when the weather changes.

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Best support and handling

Our winter wheels and tires will provide you with the support and handle you need in order to drive your car in the worst winter conditions imaginable. Sitting in the driver’s seat, you’ll need to be confident that you can drive down any road, no matter how much ice and slush there is on the ground or how much snow is falling around you.

Winter rims and wheels are designed with the latest technology that will assist with snow traction, providing you with advanced handling capabilities.

Driving comfortably

Feeling comfortable behind the wheel of your car is vital for any driver, particularly in weather conditions that are less than ideal. Only Good Tire, winter tires will allow you to experience this level of comfort while on the road.

It will make both you, and your car passengers feel safe, putting everyone’s mind at ease.

Tested performance

The only way to maintain stability on the road is to use car tires whose performance have been rigorously tested for this purpose.

You need to use the latest technology that offers you grip and control, while you must even be able to break on the road without skidding into another car.

Different tire brands to choose from

Good Tire offers different winter tire brands that you can choose from, including Atturo, Bridgestone, Cooper, Continental, Dunlop, Federal, Firestone, Goodyear, GT Radial, Hankook, Michelin, Nexen, Nokian, Toyo, and many others. These wheels vary in price, but each one is designed and tested for winter driving and snow-filled roads. You can visit the store nearest you and ask a representative to see the tires up close.

Your winter tires require superior tread while driving on snow-filled roads. You can’t always wait for snow plough trucks to clear the roads if you have somewhere that you need to be! You need to equip yourself with the winter tires which Good Tire offers; knowing that you’re protecting yourself and those that are in the car with you.

Once you have checked off this point as part of your safe winter driving needs, you can start to focus on other aspects, such as driving extra slowly, being overly cautious, getting rid of the excess snow on your car and more.

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