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Why Buy Firestone Tires?

 Firestone tires are some of the best and highest quality options available for purchase today, delivering superior levels of safety and performance. Before purchasing new or replacement tires for a vehicle, it’s best to learn a bit more about the manufacturer and some of the best tire options offered by the brand.

Firestone Tire and Rubber Company is an American based tire company that was founded in 1900 in Akron by Harvey Firestone. Initially, the company was designed to supply side-wire, solid rubber tires for fire apparatus and down the road, pneumatic tires used for buggies, wagons, and other types of wheeled transportation that were commonly used in this era.

Today, thanks to industry innovation, Firestone Tires is a premier provider of the highest quality and durable tires on the market for passenger vehicles of all makes and models.

Firestone Tires Calgary
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The Biggest Advantages of Firestone Tires?

Choosing Firestone tires offers several benefits for drivers. Firestone tires are owned by another tire/rubber company, Bridgestone. The company has been manufacturing high-quality, durable tires for over 100 years and built a reputation for safety, reliability, and quality through the years. One of the first things a driver will notice while shopping for Firestone tires, is the massive selection of types and styles. Each of the tire options available today provides an array of benefits and performs well in specific conditions. Get to know some of the most popular Calgary tires available from Firestone here at Good Tire.
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All-Season Firestone Tires

For drivers who want to avoid having to change tires with the changing season, Firestone offers one of the best all-season tires available on the market today. This tire is one that drivers can count on providing all-season performance and that are built to last. Due to the quality design of the tire, Firestone even stands behind the all-season tire with a 80,000-kilometre limited treadwear warranty. The exceptional engineering put into these tires ensures a high level of performance in snowy, dry, and wet conditions regarding handling and traction throughout the year.

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Different Types of Top Performing Firestone Tires

Firestone offers different tires for different times of the year. Each of the options listed provides an array of impressive benefits for drivers.

Summer Tires

Hot weather conditions require special tires with unique features to remain safe on the road. You can find top options from Firestone here in local Calgary!

Multihawk 2

Featuring an elegant design, smooth right, and quite while on the road, these tires offer reliable braking performance.

Firehawk SZ90u

A sporty looking tire that has dynamic features, it offers superior steering response and high precision, even in dry conditions. They are also highly reliable and predictable when the road is wet.


This tire features a modern style with very high levels of comfort and safety; it also offers reliable and robust performance.

Destination HP

Another Firestone tire option with a sporty design, this summer tire offers fuel efficiency and improved mileage for vehicles of all makes and models.

Where to Find Affordable Firestone Tires for a Vehicle?

Purchasing Firestone tires is an investment. As a result, most drivers want to ensure they are making the right decision for their vehicle. Firestone is a brand of tires that offers quality construction, reliability, safety, and more. This company has a proven track record of satisfied customers due to the fantastic tires provided.

Locating affordable tires can be challenging, but with Firestone, drivers can’t go wrong with one of the high-quality options that are listed here. In the long run, these tires are going to stand up to the elements while ensuring drivers are safe on the road.