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American Racing VNT71R Wheel

American Racing

Helo HE878 Wheel Calgary


Vision 551 Five Five One


Enkei CUV Wheel Calgary


Fuel Hostage Wheel Calgary


Your Shop For The Best Wheels In Calgary

When it’s time to change the wheels and rims for your vehicle, Good Tire has exactly what you need. We offer the biggest selection of wheels and rims in Calgary and can help you choose the perfect ones no matter what vehicle you drive or what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for something functional or you want the hottest new rims to change the look of your vehicle, we have it ready for you.

American Racing AR883 MAVERICK

Wheels and Rims Calgary

Anthracite Machined

American Racing AR895

Rims and Wheels Calgary

Dark Silver Machined

American Racing AR136 VENTURA

Wheels and Rims in Calgary


American Racing AR900

Wheels Calgary North America

Satin Black Machined

American Racing AR172 BAJA

American Racing 172 Baja

Satin Black

American Racing AR910
American Racing 910 Wheel

Gloss Black Machined

American Racing AR767
American Racing 767 Wheel

Gloss Black w/ Stripes

American Racing AR901

American Racing 901 Wheel

Satin Black Machined

American Racing VNT71R

American Racing VNT71R Wheel


Your Shop For Rims In Calgary

The wheels and rims on your vehicle should be chosen with care to ensure they fit and function correctly. Good Tire can help you look through all of the options available and choose the right ones for your vehicle. We’ll take into account the type of car you drive, your preferences, the way you drive, what you’re looking for, and your budget whenever we make suggestions.

Since we have wheels and rims designed for every make and model, we can suggest plenty of options that will be perfect for you. This way, you can feel confident the rims and wheels you purchase will be precisely what you need and will look fantastic on your car. All you need to do is stop in today, and we’ll start working on matching you with the right rims and wheels in Calgary

KM694 Wishbone

Kmc KM694 Wishbone Wheel

Satin Black

KM673 Skitch

Kmc KM673 Skitch Wheel

Satin Black

KM691 Spin

Kmc KM691 Spin Wheel

Matte Bronze

KM651 Slide

Kmc KM651 Slide Wheel

Gloss Black W/ Clear Coat

XD813 Batallion

XD813 Batallion Wheel Calgary

Gloss Black Milled

XD809 Riot

XD809 Riot Wheel Calgary

Matte Black Machined

XD807 Strike

XD807 Strike Wheel Calgary

Matte Black

XD801 Crank

XD801 Crank Wheel Calgary

Gloss Black

XD810 Brigade

XD810 Brigade Wheel Calgary

Satin Black

XD796 Revolver

XD796 Revolver Wheel Calgary


XD822 Monster II

XD822 Monster Wheel Calgary

Matte Black

XD820 Grenade

XD820 Grenade Wheel Calgary

Satin Black Milling

Choose Wheels and Rims that Look Great

Is your goal to get wheels and rims that look fantastic? We offer the latest wheels and rims available so you can always choose the newest style that will make your vehicle stand out on the road. We also provide custom and replica wheels and rims, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for and make sure it fits the look of your vehicle. Coupled with a large variety of tires in Calgary, we can provide you with everything you need. Our staff will listen to what you’re looking for, take into account the make and model of your car, and offer suggestions for wheels and rims that will get people to stop and notice you when you’re driving around town.

Helo HE880

Helo HE880 Wheel Calgary


Helo HE851

Helo HE851 Wheel Calgary

Gloss BLACK Machined

Helo HE875

Helo HE875 Wheel Calgary

Chrome w/ Gloss Black Accents

Helo HE885

Helo HE885 Wheel Calgary

Satin Black

Helo HE835

Helo HE835 Wheel Calgary

Gloss Black Machined

Helo HE791 MAXX

Helo HE791 Maxx Wheel


Helo HE878

Helo HE878 Wheel Calgary

Satin Black

Helo HE879

Helo HE879 Wheel Calgary

Gloss Black Machined Milled

Helo HE878 Dark Silver

Helo HE878 Dark Silver

Dark Silver W/ Machined Flange

Choose for the Function

While aesthetics are essential if your goal is to improve how your vehicle drives, we have you covered. We offer a large selection of alloy wheels designed to be lightweight and to provide better performance. These wheels and rims provide better handling when turning and are more responsive to braking, so they’re perfect for anyone who wants to boost the function of their vehicle. Truck tires tend to be heavier because of the additional weight they carry, but regardless of what you drive, we can help you find wheels and rims that improve the performance of your vehicle every time you drive.


Vision 141 Legend 5 Wheel



Vision 142 Legend 5 Wheel

Gloss BLACK Machined


Vision 381 Avenger Wheel



Vision 426 Cross Wheel

Matte Black


Vision 142 Legend 6 Wheel



Vision 395 Wizard Wheel

Matte Black


Vision 397 Rage Wheel

Gloss Black with Milled Spoke


Vision 84 D Window

Gloss Black


Vision 551 Five Five One

Matte Black Red/Green/Blue/Yellow

Custom Options are Available

Are you looking for wheels and rims with a unique look or that are going to have specific performance qualities? We offer custom options so you can get what you need. These wheels and rims have been modified to be lighter weight and to provide more comfort for anyone in the vehicle.

Our technicians can recommend an option for you or use your criteria to choose the custom wheels and rims that are perfect for your car. We offer a vast selection of brands and styles, so there’s no worry about finding a custom option that looks like it was made just for you and your vehicle.

Enkei GW8

Enkei GW8 Wheel Calgary

Black with Red or Chrome Trim

Enkei RAZR

Enkei RAZR Wheel Calgary

Black Machined


Enkai KLAMP Wheel Calgary

Hyper Black or Matte Black w/ Red Stripe

Enkei EV5

Enkei EV5 Wheel Calgary

Hyper Black Machined Lip or Matte Bronze Machined

Enkei PF01SS

Enkei PF01SS Wheel Calgary

Gloss Black w/Machined Lip, Silver or Matte Black

Enkei PF01 EVO

Enkei PF01 EVO Wheel

Matte Black, Pearl White

Enkei RP03

Enkei RP03 Wheel Calgary

Silver, SBC and Matte Black


Enkei GTC01 Wheel Calgary

Hyper Black


Enkei CUV Wheel Calgary

Matte Gunmetal or Silver Machined

Enkei M5

Enkei M5 Wheel Calgary

Mirror Finish

Enkei M6

Enkei M6 Wheel Calgary

Mirror Finish

Enkei ST6

Enkei ST6 Gunmetal Lr

Matte Gunmetal or Silver Machined

Getting the Right Rims for You

At Good Tire, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect wheels and rims for your vehicle. We offer American racing wheels, Enkei wheels, fuel wheels, Helo wheels, and just about any other wheels and rims you might be looking for. We also offer dark silver machined wheels, polished wheels, and black satin wheels, so you can get the exact look you want. Our technicians are ready to help you choose the perfect wheels and rims for your vehicle, and we’ll make sure they meet all of your criteria. If you’re looking for something specific or if you’re not sure what you need, our technicians are ready to help.

The wheels and rims you need aren’t going to be the same as what someone else would need, even if they drive the same make and model as you. That’s why it’s crucial to get the right help and choose the right wheels and rims. Let our technicians help you find exactly what you want. Look through our online catalogue today to get started or stop by Good Tire right away so we can help you find the perfect wheels and rims package.

Fuel Anza

Fuel Anza Wheel Calgary

Black with Red or Chrome Trim

Fuel Boost

Fuel Boost Wheel Calgary

Black Machined

Fuel Dune

Fuel Dune Wheel Calgary

Hyper Black or Matte Black w/ Red Stripe

Fuel Octane

Fuel Octane Wheel Calgary

Hyper Black Machined Lip or Matte Bronze Machined

Fuel Beast

Fuel Beast Wheel Calgary

Black Machined with Dark Tint

Fuel Full Blown

Fuel Full Blown Wheel

Black Milled

Fuel Hostage

Fuel Hostage Wheel Calgary

Matte Black

Fuel Nutz

Fuel Nutz Wheel Calgary

Black Machined

Fuel Two Piece Cleaver

Fuel Twi Piece Cleaver

Gloss Black Milled