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Why Invest In Toyo Tires? 

Toyo tires is one of the most exciting options on the Calgary market for your vehicle to enjoy the best possible performance. Discover all the relevant information about this fantastic manufacturer. Tires are not just a means that allows you to drive a vehicle. It’s much more than that. It is an exhaustive study, where the only place is to offer the safety, grip and comfort that wheels made in the 21st century can offer. All of this is taken into account by all tire manufacturers: from its beginnings to the current days. If you look, every year that has passed, every decade that has passed and even every century lived, there has been a continuous evolution that has never been stopped. Thanks to that, Toyo has a great tire!

However, for a tire manufacturer to stand out from the rest, it cannot be satisfied with offering standard features. They need to contribute much more.

And, for that, they need to resort to innovation and demonstrate that, indeed, they are a good option.ars old, including 40 years in Canada.

Although its beginnings date back to Japan and the axis of the corporation is there, they have expanded throughout the planet.

Taking into account all these aspects, it is clear that it is an indicator of quality and excellent performance in everything that concerns Toyo’s product.

Toyo Tires Calgary
Light Truck Tires Open Country HT
Off Road Tires Open Country CT

How much do we like Toyo tires?

Toyo has participated in many competitive events, and has offered all the best performance a tire can have. Toyo tires are safe, and offer excellent mileage performance, adapt to all seasons of the year, terrain and are resistant to high speeds. Besides, it is ideal for cars, SUVs and also has commercial tires fitting alternative because you will have, in just four wheels, the whole experience of a brand with 70 years of history.

Toyo Tires Calgary

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The best Toyo tires of the moment

No Toyo tire will leave you indifferent. However, some models stand out above all. Do you want to know which Toyo tires will help you enjoy the best performance? These are the best Toyo tires from our point of view:

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Toyo tires for tourism

If you have a car and want to drive safely while enjoying maximum performance, know our following suggestions:

Proxes T1-R

Ideal for high-performance coupes. They are also extraordinary for sports circuits. They offer an excellent steering response, braking and grip on the road.

C1S proxes

They are designed for high-end cars and offer driving comfort while providing exceptional stability at high speeds.

Proxes T1 Sport

They have a perfect response in dry and wet soils, in addition to offering on the highway an excellent response at high speeds.

Toyo sports tires

Do you have a sports car? Do you need an excellent response on the road at high speeds? If this is what you are looking for, below are some more suggestions we have for you:

R1R proxes

R1R Proxes stand out for their great agility in circuit, in addition to offering an extraordinary grip with the least possible wear.

Proxes T1 Sport Plus

Proxes T1 Sport Plus are considered to be the best option for wet grounds, which also allows you to drive at high speeds with maximum adhesion and stability.

Toyo DRB

Toyo DRB’s stand out for the balance they offer in the car and have an excellent response in dry and wet streets, as well as a low noise level and an optimal response in the changes.

Toyo Tires Proxes
Toyota Toyo Tires Calgary Canada
Toyo 4WD Tyre for Drivers

Toyo tires for 4X4

Do you have an SUV? Do you want the best possible features to enjoy your journey in different areas?

In that case, we recommend these Toyo 4X4 tires:

Open Country A / T Plus

It adapts perfectly in all types ofphalt, sand, gravel, mud and has long durability in addition to offering a good response.

600 HT

It is designed primarily for the road, has long durability and offers great stability on the road.

Proxes CF2 SUV

Designed for SUV vehicles, thanks to its silica tread, it offers optimum braking distance and helps you save money on fuel.

Where to buy Toyo tires?

Now that you know the best alternatives in Toyo tires according to our point of view, we assume that you will want to see where you can buy Toyo tires at cost-effective prices. Fortunately, Good Tire has the experience, and we want to provide it for you to buy while saving money. Contact our tire shop, making many drivers like you enjoy high performance.