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The Best Collection Of Used Tires In Calgary

Good Tire stocks a full line up of different winter tires in Calgary from leading brands including Atturo, Bridgestone, Cooper, Continental, Dunlop, Federal, Firestone, Goodyear, GT Radial, Hankook, Michelin, Nexen, Nokian, Toyo and many more. When it comes to winter tires in Calgary, we are the team that has the selection for you.


Cooper Winter Tires

Cooper WeatherMaster S/A2

Winter / Passenger Cars /Touring

When you are looking for an urban commute winter tire in Calgary, look no further than the Cooper WeatherMaster S/A2, or WM-SA2 for short. With a performance-enhancing design on the treads that directionally grips all forms of wetness, like snow, slush and ice, their technology is the ideal choice for winter conditions. But, the performance-tested design really stands up to the test in extreme weather conditions by providing enhanced braking support that helps the tires remain flexible even at extremely low temperatures. So, keep driving and feel assured with ample protection from the WM-SA2 series.

Cooper WeatherMaster Snow

Winter / Passenger Cars / High Performance
When you are looking for winter tires for sale in Calgary, one of your best options is the Cooper WeatherMaster Snow edition. Though it is a studless winter tire, it still offers impactful and excellent solutions for snow, ice, slush, rain and all other forms of poor weather conditions. Plus, it doubles down on the gripping power of ordinary tires with a durable silica-rich compound that is perfect for cold conditions in Alberta and around the world. The severe snow symbol that is stamped on every tire stands for more than simple protection; it is the mark of Cooper’s excellent product quality.

Cooper WeatherMaster S/T 2

Winter / Passenger Cars / Premium

If you are looking for the “crowd-favourite” tire from Cooper, look no further than the Weather-Master S/T 2. This premium passenger winter tire has extensive size coverage, making it the ideal choice for sedans, coupes, 4x4s, foreign and domestic, and most other types of available consumer vehicles. One of the chief benefits in any winter tire is that they are much softer than regular tires, which allows for more of their surface area to connect with the road for powerful gripping action. The WeatherMaster S/T 2 goes above and beyond in this category, but it also looks towards its sipes for even greater support. 

Indeed, using D-squared sipe technology allows a zig-zagging design pattern that doubles down on the performance of these tires in wet and dangerous conditions. It provides not only an exciting and variable design that helps grip the road better but also the sipe technology increases the overall stability of the vehicle.

Cooper Discoverer M/S

Light Truck and SUVs / Winter / Premium
Looking for tire studding capabilities? Cooper’s Discoverer M/S is the premium option for your light trucks and SUVs. Don’t leave your safety up to chance when you can have some of the best consumer-available tires on the market. With their strategically-placed stud pin holes, these tires will always provide the best in stud retention for ultimate ice traction. But, like the S/T2 before them, their revolutionary D-squared sipe tech gives another level of enhancement to these tires, and the grooved design ensures a capable edge for biting deep into even the slipperiest conditions. With options for most consumer vehicles, like trucks, cars and SUVs, these are the rugged and durable choice for making harsh Canadian winters simple and safe every single time.

Cooper Discoverer M/S Sport

Light Truck and SUVs / Winter / High Performance

Not looking for tire studding in your Calgary winter tires? Well, check out the Cooper Discoverer M/S Sport series then. They are premium studless winter tires that function perfectly with your SUVs and CUVs alike. Plow through snow like nobody’s business. Clear a path through blizzards and let the awesome technology behind every Cooper product keep you safe. With the severe snow symbol emblazoned on every tire, you can be sure that these are officially rated for severe snow conditions to provide great grip, strong traction and durable support, time and time again.

Plus, the Cooper Discoverer M/S Sport also features three different speed ratings; T, H, and V. Perfect for the 16-19 in rim market, these variable speed ratings give you the option of optimal performance mixed with ideal protection in a one-of-a-kind package that eliminates stiffness for a smooth and calm ride.

Cooper WeatherMaster WSC

Light Truck and SUVs / Winter / High Performance
The WeatherMaster WSC is designed for superior winter performance. The stud-able and directional design, along with the high silica tread compound, is the ideal solution for the toughest of all winter conditions. These tires are capable of handling slush, ice, and wet conditions in even extremely cold and low temperatures, and the patented circumferential snow-groove technology isn’t just a fancy name. It is also responsible for an increase in grip ability and strength in this offering from Cooper.

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Firestone Winter Tires

Firestone Winterforce

Passenger Cars / Winter / Economy
Firestone’s Winterforce studdable winter tire for sale in Calgary is the ideal option for longevity, safety and superb winter driving performance. It always provides a smooth, quiet and comfortable travelling experience independent of snow, rain and sleet. With a computer-modelled tread design, these tires aren’t just meant to look great, which they do. They are also far superior to all-season tires in that they are softer and, therefore, more capable of staying on the ground. The Winterforce Studdable Winter radial is designed for excellent winter performance. With its directional, computer-modelled tread design, this tire delivers confident snow, wet and ice traction. The Winterforce provides a quiet and comfortable ride regardless of the weather conditions.

Firestone Winterforce LT

Light Truck and SUVs / Winter / Economy
Much like the Firestone Winterforce, the Firestone Winterforce LT provides exceptional winter comfort and performance but is designed particularly for light trucks and SUVs. Enjoy the advantages of Severe Snow Service with these tires backed by both the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC). With pinning for #12 studs, these provide fantastic traction potential in all forms of winter weather conditions. The directional tread pattern is optimized to perform optimally in both dry and wet conditions, so whether rolling through a storm or just picking up groceries, these durable rubber tires will have your back. For three-dimensional tread performance, ultimate sipe-density and supreme tire studding potential, look no further than the excellence found in Firestone Winterforce LT tires in Calgary.

Firestone Winterforce UV

Passenger Cars / Winter / Economy
What separates the Firestone Winterforce UV from other tire models? Only the best in winter performance, computer-modelled tread designs, a #12 stud pinning and extra traction potential. Still not enough? How about mud and snow ratings, the latest in sipe technology and density, and three-dimensional tread patterns? That’s right. These tires provide all of the above benefits to ensure you have a safe, smooth and quiet ride in any conditions, at any time. Don’t leave your winter driving up to chance or bare tires. Instead, get the guaranteed high-grade performance you’ve come to expect from Firestone and, further, get yourself the fantastic Winterforce UV tires for your passenger car today.

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Hankook Winter Tires

Hankook Winter i-pike RS (W419)

Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance

Hankook Winter i-Pike RS (W419) is the high performance studdable winter tire for you. Passenger Vehicles that want advanced snow and ice performance should look to this tire for its ability to efficiently disperse water and slush, providing good traction on wet surfaces. One of the key advantages of tread design for winter tires is the ability to grip the road more effectively. It also has excellent traction on snow-covered roads because it increases the total area of contact with the road for a tighter grip. The dynamic and robust construction combines 3D tread grooves, longitudinal grooves and high-density sipes to create a durable and profound traction experience.

Hankook i-cept Evo2 (W320)

Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance
These innovative winter tires are studless. They deliver reliable driving on icy roads. Usually, these tires require lower air pressure so that more of their surface can touch the ground at once. With a design made for slippery road conditions, Winter i-cept tires are the intelligent choice for winter driving. These excellent offerings by Hankook are made with a special fibre. This, coupled with powerful spike pin capabilities, creates great gripping power on its own. When you add silica, which retains elasticity in cold weather, it’s just icing on the cake. Or should we say, grip on the road?

Hankook i-cept Evo2 SUV (W320A)

Light Truck and SUVs / Winter / High Performance
Designed especially for SUVs, Hankook Winter i-cept Evo2 SUV W320A is the winter tyre of choice. That is if you want all-around performance and a safe, comfortable and economical driving experience. These tires usually have studded or grippy edges. In fact, Hankook Winter i-cept Evo2 SUV W320A is equipped with four different types of grooves. First, we see the criss-cross grooves delivering effective and trouble-free driving during your typical winter conditions. Next, the zigzag grooves assist during braking, and the three-dimensional sipes deliver long-standing stability. On slippery surfaces, this can help to prevent skidding or spinning out of control. Tread blocks are themselves divided by narrow grooves, further increasing the contact area. When it comes to cornering ability on wet or snowy roads, this system plays a vital role.

Hankook Winter i-cept iZ (W606)

Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance
Nowhere will you find better performance in snowy or icy conditions than the Hankook Winter i-cept iZ (W606). Developed with the latest in tire design technology, these tires ensure excellent grip and superior road-gripping performance. Plus, their aggressive tread block design and spuit hole technology help to minimize the likelihood of hydroplaning. Look no further for increased wet condition performance, superior control and stability. When you are in all driving conditions on a regular basis, take advantage of these features and the interlocking 3D Kerf, which is a 3D shoulder block. This advanced technology helps disperse pressure equally on the tire’s edges for even more dramatic handling performance upgrades.

Hankook Winter i-cept evo

Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance

Want to feel sporty but maintain the same high-performance in your vehicle? The Hankook Winter i-cept evo is your winter tire in Calgary of choice. The dynamic look of the tire isn’t just for show; it also provides excellent performance in the slipperiest weather conditions. These are the ideal choice for premium sports and luxury brands alike. Utilize the asymmetrical tread pattern during winter to respond instantly on slippery, wet and frigid roads covered with snow and ice. Let the advanced technology behind the unique tread compound enhance your vehicle’s winter weather performance, while the outer longitudinal rib block boosts your braking and cornering ability for maximum results. Your vehicle deserves the best equipment, and you deserve the highest level of safety. So, tame the roads this winter with Hankook’s Winter i*cept evo and take advantage of the latest generation in ultra-high-performance winter tyres. 

Hankook i-pike RW11

Winter / Light Truck & SUVs / Premium

Today’s SUVs and light trucks are built tough to be durable and rugged for any conditions. But they still need premium winter tires to get the job done right. Luckily, the Hankook i-pike RW11 is built to satisfy on and off-road winter tire needs. Hankook’s i-pike RW11 is the leader in stronger braking power and superior traction in all winter driving conditions. If you are looking for a more powerful driving experience with improved braking force to give you the confidence you need on wet or frozen roads, look no further. With these tires, you can hit the winter road with style, confidence and safety secured.

The increased kerf centre block is part of these tires to provide improved traction performance, which looks like a block at the centre area, consisting of a series of rib forms. With cliff groove technology, you can maximize the snow adge effect for your groove walls, while the optimized block stiffness applies a combination of the wave & step kerf for handling performance optimally designed for SUV and light truck applications. And the six-row pin arrangement allows for not only top-of-the-class traction performance, but also minimal noise creation for a supremely comfortable and quiet ride.

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Nexen Winter Tires

Nexen Winguard Sport

Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance
Sporty, stylish and safe in snowy conditions; this is the promise of the Nexen Winguard Sport and it manages to deliver fantastic results. Get the most out of your mileage performance through high-density multi-sipe technology, which enhances your tire’s gripping ability and enhances the overall longevity of the product. Let the asymmetrical tread pattern give you optimal performance on corners, straightaways and snowy roads alike. And, the large wide grooves are very effective for draining water, boosting the anti-hydroplaning performance.

Nexen Winspike Stud

Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance
With a unique and effective v-shaped tread pattern, the Nexen Winspike Stud impress right out of the gate. Described as “ultra-high performance” they can handle slippery or wet conditions like nobody’s business. The 12 multi-random stud lines ensure your tires are always stuck firmly to the road while still keeping your ride quiet, comfortable and smooth. Let the maximized performance of the Nexen brand carry you away to the safe and enjoyable winter driving experience you deserve.

Nexen Winguard SUV

Light Truck and SUVs / Winter / High Performance
When it comes to light trucks and SUVs, Nexen has you covered. With Nexen’s Winguard SUV tires for sale in Calgary, the awesome performance you expect from this brand continues to impress and delight. Random pitch variation, v-shaped directional tread design, multiple-kerf production, always ultra-high performance and stylish looks make this the premier choice for SUV and light truck drivers alike.

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Toyo Winter Tires

Toyo Observe G3-Ice

Passenger Cars / Winter / Premium

The Japanese are no strangers to winter conditions, and Toyo makes this abundantly clear with their product offerings. The Toyo Observe G3-ICE Calgary winter tire is designed for tough winter driving conditions that combine excellent winter performance with exceptional driving comfort. These tires are outfitted with Toyo’s Microbit studless tire technology, which provides superior gripping and traction on icy or snowy roads. With their advanced directional tread pattern, these tires are capable of handling even the most frigid and unforgiving winter driving conditions. 

But Toyo doesn’t just make small innovations and rest on its laurels. No, instead, they continue to jam in additional features and protections in each of their products. High silica levels keep the Observe G3-Ice from sleeping, while wide evacuation grooves efficiently wick away moisture, debris and snow. The alternating buttress design of these tires burrows into snow, propelling your vehicle forward while still maintaining a solid grip. 

Still not convinced? What if we told you that Toyo tires come with optimized stud hole placement to increase the scratch effect, meaning that your road contact is enhanced and your ride noise is reduced. Or that the gear-edge design increases traction around corners and during braking sequences? Indeed, you can take advantage of all of these benefits when you go looking for winter tires for sale in Calgary.

Toyo Observe Garit KX

Passenger Cars / Winter / High Performance
What is H-rate, unidirectional and the premium luxury choice for winter tires? The Toyo Observe Garit KX, of course! These tires utilize saw-toothed blocks to cut through thin water layers and achieve greater performance output. They use high-density sipes in a wavy pattern to increase grip strength. Walnut shell microbit technology digs into road surfaces and ice alike, providing traction on ice and upping the safety factor. Improved silica compounds in the rubber tops off the features of the Toyo Observe Garit KX tire, and give it the authentic look and feel of a premium product, while also ensuring the best in ice performance.

Toyo Observe GSi5

Light Truck and SUVs / Winter / Premium
The Toyo Observe GSi5 winter tire is available in a complete size range to cover several different types of vehicles. Vehicles that benefit from these superb offerings include passenger vehicles, like coupes and sedans, light trucks, vans in utility and family sizes, SUVs, CUVs, hatchbacks and many more. So, if you are hauling large loads or passengers, these tires will provide the right support for the right situation. Whether that is utilizing the unidirectional tread pattern for optimal braking and acceleration or the advanced, multi-directional sipe technology for superior performance and handling, the Toyo Observe GSi5 will always be the right solution. Take advantage of the crushed walnut shells that provide extra grip, the sleek and modern look and the fantastic weather protection today with these winter tires for sale in Calgary.

Toyo Open Country WLT1

Light Truck and SUVs / Winter / Premium

The final offering from Toyo, the Open Country WLT1, is perhaps one of the most enticing winter tires in Calgary currently available. Specially designed for light trucks and SUVs, these tires have been developed to provide exceptional performance for a wide variety of vehicles within these categories. Plus, the Open Country WLT1’s have a new design and sleek profile, which is sure to impress and interest while delivering improved ice and snow handling capabilities. Although the demands of winter roads are high, with Toyo tires, you will be ready to meet them head on. 

If you are ready to enjoy the straight sipe and dimple design featured on the outside of these tires, take a closer look in-store today. Or, investigate the wider tread footprint that grips and grabs the road for ultimate handling on corners, straightaways and braking scenarios alike. With a unique high-rigidity sidewall compound to provide bruise and abrasion resistance, these are the tires you’ve been looking for.

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Used Winter Tires In Calgary

Huge Selection w/ Low Prices

With such a fantastic selection of winter tires, it can be hard to choose the best fit for your vehicle. But, when you’re at Good Tire, you have access to the right knowledge and experience to make an informed decision that will keep you safe, your ride stylish and the roads under your control. For used winter tires, regular winter tire sales and the ability to cater to anyone’s individual needs, make us your one-stop-shop for tires today.